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I am currently writing from the airport in Nicaragua of all places! In February alone, I was in London, LA, Colorado, Milan, Ohio, and Paris, before heading back to NYC. It took me a second to even remember and look back in time. Life has been such a whirlwind lately with work, but I’m really enjoying every second of it. With every city, I’ve gotten to play a new character, working with the designers I know and love. But with the never-ending winter, I thought now would be the perfect time to escape the cold to one of my favorite surf destinations, the beaches of Nicaragua. Limited wifi and loads of sun. Just what I needed for a full week far from home! I’m ready to have sandy toes and smell of sunscreen. It always warms my heart! Here I am shot just after landing in NYC for fashion week from LA just in time for the early morning Zimmermann show. Hosted at Spring Studios, it was a beautiful production of floral floors and seats, as the models dramatically walked down the runway in western-victorian-esque dresses. In support of one of my favorite designers, I slipped into this stunning off-shoulder Zimmermann midi-dress despite the 30 degree breeze. I’ll have to shoot this stunner of a piece again on it’s own once the weather gets nice again. It’s timeless, a piece I’ll keep forever and ever.

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Taken on the streets of a very gold and glowing Milan, I love how easy it is to dress up a simple shirt and trainers (I still can’t stop wearing my custom Fendi sneakers. How cute are they?) Just add a little silk and pop of color and voila, done. I can’t wait for spring so I can whip out this beautiful pink bad boy again. It’s such a statement piece. I really do miss Milan and it’s beauty. I’ll be back soon enough. There’s still so much to see and go! For now, it’s really just a quiet Saturday at home in NYC. My suitcase is all packed up for London (I fly out this evening) and I’ve got a cup of coffee by my side. This is my favorite time of day. It’s so calm and refreshing and I finally have time to sit down and chat with you guys. While I’m away, I have a stunning new couch delivered to my home…my fashion month schedule will be solidified and organized, and I just can’t wait to power through one of the most hectic months of the year. Home is once again beginning to feel a lot more important and I love the idea of switching it around and making it feel new again. As I’m always in and out, I’m cherishing the quiet moments at home with my loved ones. May this crazy month feel like a breeze!

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Cinq à Sept | PARIS


Cinq à sept is the French term for the moments linking late afternoon with early evening. The intriguing time of the day where anything is possible. Where you can grab a cocktail with mystery boy at the bar, or slip away…unknown during these after-work hours. I fell in love with this new contemporary brand the moment I slipped on this dress from the Pre-Fall collection. Its embroidered stars and flowers were made for Paris moments like these, here in my room at the Four Seasons, George V. My gal pal Haleigh snagged these beautiful photos while getting dressed for a work dinner in the Champs-Élysées. There’s something so sexy about this hotel. The lobby was exploding with bouquets of freshly cut white flowers. But best of all, the rooms. I’ve always dreamt of having a special yellow room in my house and this one is the perfect inspiration. Yellow carpets. Decadent yellow walls. Yellow pillows and chairs the color of a banana. And a ladybug on the wall that just wouldn’t leave during my stay. It’s true that some of my favorite photos are taken by my friends. In your most natural and comfortable state. Cinq à sept. I threw on my shaggy lavender vest and off we went. Paris, I love you.

photos by Haleigh at the Four Seaons Paris George V


// Cinq à Sept dress, Jocelyn vest, Marie Claire St. John scarf //