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// Em Cosmetics Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush in Venetian Rose, Illustrative Eyeliner in black, Pick Me Up Volume + Length mascara in black, and Lip Cushion Tinted Luminizer in Venetian Rose // 

You may have seen Dylana and I on the homepage of Em Cosmetics this week! Eeep! This is a brand we know, love, and use all throughout the year. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Their makeup looks really natural and fresh on the skin. I have been using their Heaven’s Glow Blush for years now! You may have seen that Faded Clementine has been my color of choice, but they just recently launched Venetian Rose and it has me smitten! It’s a pearly vintage pink that gives you that pinched, healthy, and flushed look. All good things. I use my Heaven’s Glow Blush both on my eyes and cheek for a monochromatic look when I am on the go. We are getting a peek of spring now in New York City and my mind is set on feeling extra fresh every day until summer. 


// Em Cosmetics True GLoss Ombré Lip Duo + Em Cosmetics Infinite Cloud Ombré Lip Duo // 

This a brand new SUAREZ SISTERS campaign shot for Em Cosmetics Ombré Lip Duos with Dylana! I’m always looking for new ways to experiment with my makeup and I adore the ombré lip look for spring. You’ll notice one is more glossy, while the one below has a more matte, bitten feel. Both equally luscious and kissable. This is a classic everyday look with a fun, 80’s twist. Complete with bold silk ensembles in pinks and reds along with a pair of over-the-top earrings. Complete this look with a few swipes of Heaven’s Glow Magic Hour Blush and a little cat eye wing with the Illustrative Eyeliner in black. Studio 54 is calling. 


// Stine Goya dress // 

I hope everyone is feeling healthy during this crazy time! The city has never been sleepier. We’re all inside our homes, making the most of our day, and following the news by the hour. I’ve been working a lot from home. Luckily, all of Team Suarez lives and works from Dumbo. Dylana and I are neighbors! I’m really just using the time to improve my wellbeing, get more sleep, practice the things that I love like singing, and planning for the future. It’s nice having those extra hours each day to really just dedicate to the things and people you love. Trust me, it’s therapeutic to swap out our sweatpants for a pretty spring dress, and continue to do your makeup each morning. It’s funny how the simple act of putting a minimal amount of makeup can me feel 100% better, more alive, and excited to take on conference calls from my desk. This is a full Em Cosmetics look that takes a little under 5 minutes to create. I call it “Faded Clementine” which happens to also be the name of my lip cloud. Em Cosmetics specializes in these essentials that make me feel pretty even if I’m staying inside all day. 

This is what I used:

Em Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner in Black. Lasts all day. Doesn’t smear. Fits in my purse. I never go a day without a flick. 

Em Cosmetics Heaven’s Glow Blush in Magic Hour. This is a peachy-pink that works on just about every skin tone. It’s both a blush, a bit of a bronzer, and a highlighter in one. I use this one on the apples of my cheeks, the tips of my nose, and along my jawline. It immediately makes it look like my skin was kissed by the sun. 

Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud in Faded Clementine. This lip cloud is both creamy yet finishes off matte. You won’t have any dry lips here! It’s moisturizing and soft!

Em Cosmetics Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream. I keep this in my bag at all times. A brow cream makes my eyes look away by fluffing my eyebrows up and out. Sometimes, I just use this and a little concealer when I’m running around the neighborhood. This is an essential.