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In winter, it’s completely acceptable to do oversize everything. Tomboy city chic. Right now, I’m completing my every look with this new coat by Anonie. This emerging Brooklyn based designer brand has mastered the art of outerwear…revamping must-have classics like the 80’s shearling coat but giving them a cool new twist like here, with it’s gorgeous plum detailing and high-low hem. Anonie has made what was once a vintage, bohemian style a lot more clean, minimal, and all around effortless. I am also eyeing the extra luxurious Barracuda coat in bronze, made to be reversible so that you easily get 2 coats for the price of one. Pre-fashion week, im all about discovering emerging designers and curating my closet for the coming month of va-va-voom looks, with pieces that will last forever. Quality versus quantity and less is more is certainly something im embracing more this year. I am actually writing right now from the airplane to Los Angeles. Editing, catching up on emails, and finishing up the last pages of my new read, The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan, a story on how gratitude and little bits of thanks can change your life. I’ve been wanting to find more ways to be gracious more often towards my life and the good things about it, even when I feel too busy to think about these kind of things. I’m working harder on that. Inspired by the book, I’m trying to focus on the upside of every situation, like the shitty NYC weather. For example, rather than blaming the city for the super low temps and storm heading our way this week, I easily switch up my mood but focusing on why the cold can be a plus . . . more days snuggled up in this stellar Anonie coat. I’ll give any reason to keep it around me as long as I can!

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The year is already starting off crazy as I plan with my team for upcoming projects and travel. I haven’t looked away from my calendar all morning. For now, I am in the city, keeping warm, drinking hot cocoa, and taking meetings to kick off the new year. Days are bundled up while my nights are indoors, snuggled under a blanket. Less people are out crawling the streets, more people are hitting the gym, and the only thing buzzing seems to be the restaurants and bars that are steaming at the windows…heaters on full blast. Winters in the city mean surviving with very cute coats…cute beanies…and cute outerwear. It’s easy getting dressed when you have the perfect essentials. This beautiful pink coat is a favorite of mine this season. I’ve always wanted a bold piece that is so uniquely glamorous yet wearable. It’s so soft to the touch. I just threw it on over a cable knit, wide-leg trousers, and sock sneakers. When you have 20 minutes to get ready during the week…this is a go-to. The little melon green bag, a perfect little pop. When in doubt, think oversize coat and tiny bag. I’m taking the rest of my day to step away from my desk. I think the brisk, crisp air will feel really wake me up and energize me for the day.

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The “Satisfaction coat” by Jocelyn itself makes me want to add more from The Rolling Stones onto my COOL SHIT playlist, which really should be called my LIFE playlist. Like “Time is on my Side” and “Loving Cup.” Songs that are my religion and somehow embedded in my dna. For me, I always remind myself that the time is always now. To not think twice, everything is going to be alright. Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is just a mystery. Don’t ever be afraid to make a fool of yourself, or be the most and fullest version of yourself in the moment. To love your quirks and never hide them. To laugh and learn from mistakes. Then there is the bedroom song of “You Can’t Always Get What you Want.” A song about initial optimism and eventual disillusion…one of the hardest things to come to terms to. The voices of the church choir on the record a daily reminder. How even when you want and crave an idea of something or someone, you always end up getting what you need no matter what. It could mean letting go of toxic people, and valuing what you already have. To realize there’s always an angel that brings you back to earth and saves you for something bigger than yourself. I’ve had that angel visit me a few times already. It is around the holidays each year that I start to reflect. Especially when I’m back home in LA. You never really know what is planned for you…just know that everything happens for the right reason. It’s also around the holidays I get more inspired to listen to music, and write more poems and songs, and just slap my guitar at the end of it. There’s a lot of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison on my playlist as well. They keep your head straight. They help you pick up where you are now, and move on. To remember you have yourself and your heart to cherish first. This year has felt extremely BEAUTIFUL and super fortunate. It’s funny what can happen in a year. You get to a point where you never even imagined…and all you can do is be grateful and feel lucky, and find ways to share that positivity, kindness, and love to others. I got to travel the world, share every little fun inspiring moment with you guys right here on NATALIE OFF DUTY, and most importantly, had my friends, family, and love by my side.

The Satisfaction coat is just a little treat to myself that feels like a piece that came out of a rock legend’s closet in the 60’s and 70’s.

What to listen to now:

“Ballerina” by Van Morrison

“She Belongs to Me” by Bob Dylan

“Your the Best” by Wet

“Slow Slim Rider” by Van Morrison

“Kusanagi” by Odesza

“Girls Your Age” by Transviolet

“I wanted you to stay on the other side” by Summer Heart

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges




// Jocelyn coat, Jerome Bocchio handbag, Margaret o’ Leary cashmere turtleneck, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Converse sneakers //