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#JustPassingThrough Chinatown


It is definitely still HOT here in the city. Nothing but slinky dresses will do. And you know how obsessed I am with Reef rover sneakers?! The shoe I take from the beach after a day of surfing, and still get to the bar at night to dance the night away. For now, I’ll be in Chinatown stocking up on sriracha, noodles, and tofu for a few days back home in the city. After so much traveling and having the New York Fashion Week flu, I can’t wait to cook up a little storm in my kitchen. Where to next?! I’m off to Columbis, Ohio for work on Friday. Constantly packing. Constantly taking air-borne.

reef-girls-5reef-girls-6reef-girls-8reef-girls-10reef-girls-2// Reef Girls sneakers, St. Roche maxi dress, Luiny choker, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Marie Turnor backpack //