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Caldrea Garden Party


Caldrea’s Garden Party was a dream world. So incredibly beautiful and luxurious. Each room on top of the Garmercy Park Hotel representing each one of their fresh fragrances. Lavender Pine. Basil Blue Sage. Ginger Polemo.┬áSome of my absolute favorites. Caldrea‘s eco-luxe home and body care items make everyday for me that much more sweet. They use the highest quality plant-based and sustainable ingredients. The Garden Party showcased their newest scent: Pear Blossom Agave! Their lotions always perched perfectly in my bathrooms.┬áThe candles constantly burning and glowing late into the night throughout my apartment. Romantic. I am beyond excited to also be using their laundry detergent. Only to make everything in my life makes my heart flutter! I definitely know what my stocking stuffer will be come Christmas.

Now peek into this magical Caldrea wonderland brought to life, complete with a walk through lover’s den. Each set like a dream come true. Crowned with fresh flowers the moment we stepped inside, it immediately got us in the party mode. Who said you couldn’t have a night in heaven?


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