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// Rococo Sand bodysuit and skirt //

This matching bodysuit and skirt gives me all the 70’s disco, Saturday Night Fever, feels. I was just thinking about nights on the dance floor, and how much I miss it all. This easy going set makes me want to transport somewhere balmy and warm. Mexico maybe? 


I am excited to take you down St. Maarten memory lane. It was such an incredible getaway. Just my boyfriend, a 35mm lens, a car, and a whole island to explore in one week. We stayed along Cupecoy Beach…and I rank it by far the best beach on the island. Imagine crystal clear, calm and steady, turquoise water. Gorgeous white butterflies, fluttering their wings everywhere you turn. St. Maarten is part French and part Dutch. We stayed on the beaches of the Dutch side, where we indulged in fresh seafood and hours of swimming under the hot Caribbean sun. I tried snails for the first time..and liked it. Can you believe it? There’s an elegance to the island which I really love. The beaches. The hotels. The restaurants. I can’t wait to show you more. You get a real European summer feel with just a 3.5 hour flight away from NYC.

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Creative Ways to Wear a Beach Cover Up | Swim Edit

What is everyone doing this 4th of July? Looks like I’ll be in St. Maarten shortly after a full week in Hawaii. Can you say sunshine?! Work has been non-stop for me back home in NYC so while I’m away on “holiday,” it always takes me a second to adjust to a slower pace. I’m the girl that is always “go, go, go.” Can’t stop. Won’t stop. NYC does that to you. But in the summer, I’m always by the water…ready for my morning swims in the ocean, indulging in acai bowls, and sitting in the sun. I’ve got a million things on my calendar pre-travels that the last thing I want to worry about is packing. The amazing thing is I already know what to pack…and that is Donni Charm. Scarves that double as tops, skirts, and wraps.

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A little quick hello on my busy Wednesday before rushing out the door. NYC, can you please bring out the sun?! I’m taking you back to much brighter days with a perfect retro beach look that’s super easy to recreate. My trip to the Cayman Islands consisted of numerous neck scarves (by Donni Charm of course), one-piece swimsuits, and decadent earrings. When you’re out on a gorgeous island, why not add a little Old Hollywood glam to your beach look?! It’s rare I have a day to just sit by the water with my phone on silent, so I let myself indulge and play diva.

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