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What is everyone doing this 4th of July? Looks like I’ll be in St. Maarten shortly after a full week in Hawaii. Can you say sunshine?! Work has been non-stop for me back home in NYC so while I’m away on “holiday,” it always takes me a second to adjust to a slower pace. I’m the girl that is always “go, go, go.” Can’t stop. Won’t stop. NYC does that to you. But in the summer, I’m always by the water…ready for my morning swims in the ocean, indulging in acai bowls, and sitting in the sun. I’ve got a million things on my calendar pre-travels that the last thing I want to worry about is packing. The amazing thing is I already know what to pack…and that is Donni Charm. Scarves that double as tops, skirts, and wraps.

Ever taken a wrap and put it on as a tube top? Used your neck scarf tied around your head? Made your blanket into a skirt? During my latest trip to Grand Cayman, I literally only had to pack a few bikinis and 3 items. A wrap scarf, a neck scarf, and top. All of which I tied around my body in so many different ways. My skirt could easily been a tube dress once night falls. My kimono can be worn with my favorite skirt at the bar. That’s the amazing thing about dressing for “resort.” Give me some cotton. Give me some linen. And I’ll get creative on how to wear them. Voila.

Donni Charm scarf

Vitamin A bikini

Donni Charm top and scarf

Vix Swim one piece swimsuit

Luiny earrings

Lack of Color hat

Kore Swim one-piece

Zeus + Dione one-piece swimsuit

Zeus + Dione sandals

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