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Currently writing from the Hotel Carmel on the Northern coast in California. I’m so excited to explore this charming little beach town and drive up to the cliffs of Big Sur….even on a rainy New Years holiday. To work from somewhere so calm and relaxing is amazing, before I have to jump back into the crazy NYC groove. These little getaways always get me focused and re-energized for another amazing year to come. A place to fully disconnect. Like here, in some of my favorite looks from Art Basel in Miami. Looks like I’ll be flying back to warmer climates for a shoot in a few weeks before hopping straight into the cold, cold fashion month. I’m savoring these last few days of staring deep into the ocean. Be right back.


// Solid & Striped bikini, Ace & Jig pants, The 2 Bandits earrings //


// Solid & Striped bikini //


// Morgane Le Fay dress, Zadig et Voltaire scarf //



I can definitely get used to flying around the world in a private jet. The team and I went to Art Basel with NetJets, and it was the most amazing travel experience. NetJets is so fantastic for those quick mid-week trips. No long lines at the airport, or crazy wait at security. Simply pull up with your carry-on luggage and jump on. Champagne in hand. Anything goes, really when it comes to flying private. Just get a handful of your friends for your next big adventure. It was pure luxury from the decor to the food, complete with an amazing flight crew. Talk about the life of a rockstar. I certainly had to dress the part in my oversize vintage coat and hat! And I love any reason to dress up before a flight. Luckily the jet had wifi, so I got to still be connected, finishing up some last minute work before ripping off my coat in sunny Miami. Traveling has seriously never felt better.

What I love about Art Basel is of course escaping the winter for a hot, hot December weekend in Miami. The New Yorker in me loves any reason for a quick 48 hours on the beach. I packed light with only a few bikinis and of course, the occasional party dress. Miami is all about what happens once the sun goes down. Art Basel has some of the most extravagant parties right on the sand with beautiful purplish-pink sunsets. It’s also one of my absolute favorite times of the year to people watch. Basel brings in a wild crowd of quirky and eccentric people in from all over the world with one thing in common: a love for art…oh, and let’s not forget the partying. One of my favorite exhibits was at Faena Bazaar, a curated shop of high-end designers along with an insanely cool virtual reality installment created by the team of the theatre play, Sleep no More. Virtual reality definitely felt very real. When we weren’t out exploring and discovering new things, the rest of the day were spent by the hotel pool or in the jacuzzi at the Four Seasons followed by more gallery hopping. The art deco style of Miami keeps my camera glued to my hands. Nights of course were spent on the dance floor. There was so much to see and do, it’s so hard to fit it all in! Team Suarez likes to work hard and play hard. After our two wild nights, we simply put on our dark sunglasses and hopped on board. Au revoir.


// Vintage coat, Milly pants, Tea n’ Cup blouse, By Far boots, Want Les Essentials backpack //


// Solid & Striped bikini top + bikini bottom and one-piece swimsuit //




A perfect pantsuit like this just gives you an empowering feeling. Like you could jam all night, hit the stage, or in this case, take on Miami’s South Beach in the middle of the winter. This baby was made by my gal pals over at For Love & Lemons and I’m in love with their latest collection. A lot of rock n’ roll, a bit of Mick Jagger flair, complete with killer prints that could have been pulled out of Janis Joplin’s closet. Blending in perfectly with Miami’s Art Deco architecture. We had just hopped off the plane from NYC, and had a weekend with one jam packed schedule. Late night dinners with old friends, boat rides blasting Britney Spears, and the best part, a whole city covered in art to explore and capture.


// For Love & Lemon blazer and pant, vintage Michael Kors belt,  EXPRESS scarf, True Religion silk tank, Steve Madden shoes, Marie Turnor handbag //




Art Basel in Miami is the ultimate escape in December before the holidays. One last get-together with your wildest of pals in one crazy city. I was in town with our lovely Persol crew in celebration of the beautiful Persol Cellor sunglasses. Persol is known for being effortless and timeless. The Cellor sunglasses are an everyday pair that you could pass down to your kids, then to your grandkids, and they too will find they are still in style. I realized now that those are the key pieces to keep in my wardrobe. Anything and everything timeless.

We were like kids in the glamourous South Beach. Jumping off yachts, spotting numerous celebrities at the crowded Mr. Chow, and one too many nights up late on the dance floor. I mean, it’s Miami, and Miami is killer during Art Basel, because everyone you know is in town, and everyone’s just so excited to be away for a long weekend and get a little bit of sunshine. But besides all of glitz and glamour, I now know why Art Basel draws in art lovers from all over the world. Art Basel is incredibly inspiring. It’s the ultimate escape, mentally and physically. I wanted to take all of the art home. Especially the neon signs, the bold colorful paintings, and mystical street art. Everything had an underlying positive message. Mostly about togetherness. Seeing past our differences. Overcoming everything and anything. I think in a time like now, where it seems something always interrupts our peace in the world…greatness really only starts with ourselves, one person at a time… with kindness and understanding. Basically, be the best and strongest version of yourself. Art Basel is amazing in that you can step into a whole different world with just one photo, one exhibit, and leave with your own perceptions and story. That’s the beauty of art. You make it whatever you want to make it.

To me, our weekend was definitely about togetherness, making new friends, and laughing like nobody’s listening.


// Persol cellor sunglasses, Solid & Striped bikini, Coach denim jacket //



// Breelayne silk blouse, VEDA trousers, NOE Undergarments bra //