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Amalfi is indeed one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The pastel, sunsoaked walls of the beautiful homes just perched so perfectly on the side of the cliffs. Baby pinks, peeling whites, faded orange, and lemon yellows. The way the plants, fruits, and vegetables grow is just amazing. So lush. So vibrant. Amalfi is so full of life. Just like the rows and rows of candy-colored beach umbrellas lining the beach. We swerved in our Fiat 500 this way and that, through the tiny roads on the cliff overlooking the blue-green waters down below. Our speakers blasting. My map in hand. I felt like I was in an old romance novel. Only the sounds of splashing water, motorcycles zooming by, and wine glasses clinking. Nothing felt real. I just wanted to pinch myself as I let my hair fly with my head out the car window. I could have spent forever floating in those crystal clear waters. Laying back and looking up into the clear blue sky. Squinting at the houses perched high up in Rada. Days were spent at the beach in a tiny red and white striped bikini. Nights in my spaghetti strapped dress, sipping bellinis in Positano, the neighboring town that just screams old school ritz. All in all, Amalfi has that charm and gorgeousness that is not at all intimidating, but rather welcoming. I can’t wait to return to this magical place that glitters everywhere you look.

Where to next?! ROMA.


Thank you VOGUE Japan for covering my adventures:


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