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// Ushatava bucket hat and suit. Pedro Garcia flip flops. Melissa Odabash bikini top //

I took a mini getaway here to the Nemacolin resort in Pennsylvania with The Daily Front Row! I spent most of my afternoons on the tennis court even though there were endless things to do on the property between swimming, time at the spa, or chilling at the ice cream parlor. Yes, there’s an ice cream parlor, shopping mall, zip lining, and even a vintage car show to keep you busy along with acres of beautiful open land to roam. The list goes on and on. You sort of have to pinch yourself while you’re there because it’s all pretty unreal. There was anything and everything imaginable to do at Nemacolin and I honestly didn’t want to leave. I recommend staying in the Chateau if you ever make the visit! It really feels just like Paris. 


// Hemant and Nandita kaftan //

Only in Hawaii will you find me wearing iridescence and florals. It’s very rare to find me sashaying around in a floor length dress, especially these days. But I was inspired by this piece and how it resembles the energy of the sea. The way it sparkles. The way it moves. The way it makes you feel beautiful. 


// Bondi Born Australia linen dress //

I am standing in an iconic spot in Oahu, the China Walls. This is a place that has an energy that releases my inner child. You’ll see young kids jumping off the cliff. Teenagers gathered in groups playing music, gearing up for the sunset. I could immediately relate to the child version of me, growing up in California, where you had zero worries, just sun, the water, and good friends. Even with it’s very youthful energy, it’s also a place to feel grounded on a quiet day. Feet bare on the floor, connected to Mother Nature. The tide getting higher and higher behind me. Go here and you’ll even get a glimpse of a few rainbows if you’re lucky.


The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki 

// Stella McCartney tank. Entireworld white shirt. Moeva London black one-piece. Moeva London white bikini. // 

I have been traveling with The Ritz-Carlton for a while now for work and it is always a dream. This was my first time staying at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki for a short holiday and I was blown away. Our space definitely felt like home. A chef’s kitchen. An extra large balcony with ocean views. Baths that make you never want to leave the tub. Beds that make getting rest exciting. This is a place where I would go to bed early, and wake up before sunrise. I just wanted to savor every single, delicious moment. I miss doing yoga on our balcony and being cuddled up with family in the cabana after a long session in the hot tub. Unplugged, connected to the earth, and more present. That’s what Hawaii really represents to me. It’s a place with true love for our beautiful planet. It happened to be Mama and Papa’s 35th wedding anniversary so it was the perfect time to celebrate, Hawaiian style. Getaways are meant to be meaningful and The Ritz-Carlton always makes it extra special. The pandemic has made me appreciate travel and exploration more than ever. That feeling of exhaling the moment you land in a new place. I will never take jet lag and restlessness on the plane for granted again.