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// Jill Stuart Beauty makeup. Nanushka vegan leather blazer //

It’s spring, wear flowers! I took a Jill Stuart Beauty masterclass this month and it was all about super natural skin, pinks, and playing with dried flowers for an editorial look. Totally brilliant. I am all about really clean skin and a fresh face lately. Less is more. Jill Stuart Beauty inspired me to recreate and shoot this look, just for you, representing growth and rebirth this season. How are you blooming this spring?  


// Valmont l’ Elixir des Glaciers Fluide Merveille and Creme Merveilleuse //

This new collection is from Valmont‘s most prestigious skincare line, l’ Elixir des Glaciers. Yes, the Creme Merveilleuse is a $1,000 cream, but it’s worth the investment if you’re really serious about boosting your anti-aging skincare routine. And here is why. The collection, Essence of Gold Sturgeon, is special. It’s cutting edge, science driven, and gives incredible results. It’s powerful in that it contains rare sturgeon DNA combined with Valmont’s oligo-mineral complex and Swiss water. It has been lifting and tightening my skin. I use the Fluide Merveille as a pre-serum and go in with a tiny bit of Creme Merveilleuse, the ultimate regenerative cream. This collection is unique and definitely worth the investment! 


// Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care //

Movement is a big part of my life. I never stop moving. It makes me feel stronger and more alive. A little dancing and stretching does the mind and body good. But caring for my body on the inside also means caring for my body on the outside. The Sisley Paris Le Sculpteur Intensive Contouring Care helps shape the curves of my body in a natural way and I am so excited to be partnering with this iconic brand. It’s a day and night emulsion that restores the skin on the parts of my body that I work the most…my arms, abdomen, and legs, so that they feel firmer and more evenly toned. I apply Le Sculpteur with a two-step massage technique which you can find here


// Em Cosmetics Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush in Venetian Rose, Illustrative Eyeliner in black, Pick Me Up Volume + Length mascara in black, and Lip Cushion Tinted Luminizer in Venetian Rose // 

You may have seen Dylana and I on the homepage of Em Cosmetics this week! Eeep! This is a brand we know, love, and use all throughout the year. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Their makeup looks really natural and fresh on the skin. I have been using their Heaven’s Glow Blush for years now! You may have seen that Faded Clementine has been my color of choice, but they just recently launched Venetian Rose and it has me smitten! It’s a pearly vintage pink that gives you that pinched, healthy, and flushed look. All good things. I use my Heaven’s Glow Blush both on my eyes and cheek for a monochromatic look when I am on the go. We are getting a peek of spring now in New York City and my mind is set on feeling extra fresh every day until summer.