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A NIGHT WITH Estée Lauder

// Manuri gown, Versace handbag, Estée Lauder makeup //

Working with Estée Lauder has been a total dream come true. I loved partnering with the brand for the Luxury Fragrances Collection. Thank you team for getting me ready, and creating the most perfect makeup look for this week’s fragrances party. This spring is all about color on the eyes, and I went with a soft purple. I have been loving any reason to get dressed up and go out now that the weather is divine. 



// Rachel Gilbert gown // 

It’s a dream to be working with Estée Lauder for the launch of the Luxury Collection of fragrances. I gravitated towards Infinite Sky, one of the eight new Estée Lauder Luxury Collection fragrances. This one felt special in that it feels warm, confident, and sensual. It’s a powerful amber spicy fragrance that is unforgettable from the moment you put it on. The burst of scent from the Sichuan pepper, Madagascar vanilla, and Leatherwood gives me the bold energy I crave when wearing my favorite evening dress. It fills up my senses with pure happiness and reminds me that anything in life is possible as long as I keep looking up. Infinite Sky is about yin and yang. I like to think it embodies all parts of my personality, both the soft and the strong. 

THE Estée Lauder RED LIP

// Saint Mojavi shirt dress, Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick in Fearless, The Ninon earrings //

This is a portrait of a red lip. Something so classic and elegant, it will never go out of style. Just like how a crisp white men’s shirt remains a staple in my wardrobe. This Estée Lauder matte red lip in Fearless makes me feel just that. Some of my earliest memories go back to being a little girl, trying on my mother’s Estée lipsticks. I clearly remember their scent, the deep red hues, and how powerful they made me feel. It’s funny how a shade of lipstick can completely transform the vision of oneself and let us imagine. And that is discovering our inner beauty. We’re the beholders. This has become my easy work-from-home-Zoom-meeting-sans-trousers look because why not. Who is with me?