HVRMINN men’s blazer. Karen Walker sunglasses. Fendi bag. Fendi timepiece (my one is launching soon). Mother jeans. AGL boots. Gas Bisoux earrings

I am back from a whirlwind of European travels. My jetlag was so rough over this weekend, but now I am finally 100%. It feels good to back to regular NYC programming with Team Suarez. But the suitcase is there in my house, looking at me, reminding me and calling me to pack because there is somewhere else to be and very soon. There is so much to share with you so I’ll be quick! My first stop happened to be in Rome with the lovely Fendi team for a super exciting and exclusive timepieces launch. You’ll see a little sneak peek here on my wrist. Ooo la, la! But I first want to bask with you in the Roman sunlight this very early morning at the Colosseum. It’s not very often that work brings me to Rome, and it’s a must to visit this absolutely legendary piece of history. It’s grand. It’s iconic. There is nothing like it. You just stop and stare, wondering about all of the stories and secrets this place holds. I got there early, nearly 7am, to see it bare, raw, and on the sunny side of the street. I did as the Italians do and slipped on a decadent, and I do mean a little over the top look for this very early morning. These two pieces are two perfect transition pieces as the weather warms up: a classic thigh high slouchy boot and mens blazer. Oh, and my Fendi bag of course.


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