As a New Yorker, it’s so important to get out of the city, and drive. I’m an LA girl, born and raised…we love being behind the wheel. It’s that freedom of being able to cruise, escape the chaos, and breath in the fresh country air. Having a car in the the city is the ultimate luxury. Meet the new Audi RS3, isn’t it a beauty? This baby just launched in the US for the first time. My absolute dream car. It has just the right amount of space for packing in my friends, just enough room for luggage, and still feels sporty and super chic. This car can really fly, literally going from 0-60 in literally 3.9 second! I love the way the engine roars when I press the Start button…Audi always makes me feel like I’m in a race car. Here, I did one night in Cold Spring, in upstate New York with my sister. We were ready for farm-to-table dishes, a spa day at our favorite apothecary, and a few moments to just soak in the gorgeous views. Like they always say, “the road is better than the inn.” So here are a few of my favorite snapshots along the way.


Navigating up to Cold Spring was super easy. I don’t know what I would do without the virtual cockpit (with the most amazing navigation system), and killer Bang & Olufson sound system. It screams luxury, and make for a super smooth, relaxing drive. The AudiRS3 is super high-tech…with everything at your fingertips thanks the MMI touch…where you can draw out letter to reach a contact or place. We arrived in Cold Spring just at sundown and I had to stop in the parking lot just along the Hudson River. I have never seen something so peaceful and beautiful. The mountains. The leaves are just beginning to finally change color. Everything felt still…so serene. Nothing but the birds, the trees, and the open road. We loved our time in the car that we took the highway to test out it’s speed. The car has a top track speed of 155 MPH. I didn’t have to press hard on the pedal to get this baby moving. The Quattro all-wheel drive made the car extra smooth to drive…I’m obsessed. I got my love for cars from my father. He always loved Audi Sport…the firing sound of it’s engine, and super sleek design. Everything from it’s gorgeous silver wheels to it’s sporty leather interiors and RS exhaust pipes gives it a bit of race car glamour that still feels attainable. Remember my summer in the Audi R8? You still get that sporty feel with the Audi RS3, and just the right amount of horsepower. I have so many more weekends on the open road, and a playlist to match. Picking the destination is the hardest part…the rest is easy.

See more of the Audi RS3 here.


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