Team Suarez consists of both Dylana and I, either behind and in-front of the lens. Dy and I just get one another. We’re free to be our crazy selves. We’re sisters. There’s no filter in anything we say or do. As a model, I shoot with different photographers all the time, switching in and out of character, sometimes I’m more comfortable in front of an unknown lens, I get to act…but there’s just something about being photographed by the people you love, which allows you to really be yourself. There’s an ease. It’s rare my boyfriend photographs me, but this time on our trip to St. Maarten, I let him. I guess now you can call him an instagram boyfriend. He absolutely loves to take photos and really does have a fantastic, editorial eye. I let him have a little fun behind the lens and gave him full creative freedom with my 35 mm. Only he can think wearing a towel as a dress is elegant on me.

He suggested we go stretching for coconuts (which I at first refused of course) and we ended up climbing one of the most beautiful Italian staircases from the private beach. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little change of perspective, all while having so much fun doing it. I think someone’s found a brand new passion!  Besides finding picture-perfect corners everywhere we turned, I had to put my camera down. St. Maarten was certainly one of my most effortless vacations. So many gorgeous, white sand beaches. I took any opportunity to jump in the ocean and float in the pool, staring up into the clouds. I stopped worrying about what to wear, or what to do. When you start dressing up your towel, you begin to realize there’s glamour in even the littlest things. Take me back to the beautiful island of St. Maarten.

Club Monaco towel

Les Nereides Paris earrings

Zimmermann headband

Magali Pascal orange dress

Magali Pascal white blouse

Jennifer Zeuner gold hoop earrings

L SPACE swimsuit


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