My second Miami Swim Week is officially accomplished. I flew from London to NYC to Miami this week, and I have 2 nights to get the most of swim week! Last time I went was about 2 years ago. I walked in a runway show…flooding back memories to my days at 15 and 16 years old, when all I did was runway work in both NY and LA! But as an editor, I love getting to plop down front row and just enjoy the show. So many vibrant colors. Amazing music. So many healthy, and athletic bodies. It was more like a place to celebrate what makes women so beautiful, in all our shapes and sizes. And it’s swim week…it’s mean to be complete fun! South Beach. Sun. The Raleigh. The Gale. We got some scattered showers but still, the scorching hot, hot, Miami heat was coming in strong. Swim week is the epitome of both work and pleasure.

Cuban designer, Luli Fama, always hosts one of most dramatic, must-see shows of the week. I heard it is always the life of the party…so I made sure to not to miss it. We were welcomed with a saxophone player and two super dapper Cuban dancers, twisting and turning on the floor….shaking to the beat. The more the crowd could move and groove to the music, the better. The thing about Cuban culture is that it’s so full of life, and rich in bright, beautiful colors. You can never have too much color. Head wraps and prints ranging from leopard to florals…or maybe both, all in one bikini. For me, I normally like to go super simple. Nudes, whites, black bikinis.  I found this 3 piece bikini in a naked, nude tone with a fun play of textures. This beach get-up is a total mix of Cuba meets Miami meets Hawaii…where I was shot here, catching the sunset and mosquitos out on Ka’anapali Beach in Maui. Swimwear has never felt more on top of it’s game until now…and there are no rules.

Luli Fama crochet long sleeve top

Luli Fama crochet bikini top and bikini bottom 

Adornmonde earrings



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