London has convinced me that Dr. Martens are absolutely necessary…rain or shine…wherever I travel. They dress down my most classic of looks and are super practical. So needed once the grey patches of London rain come pouring down when you least expect it. Docs are so classically English that I couldn’t help but get myself multiple pairs. Best with a proper midi skirt, proper fuzzy knit, and extra proper English breakfast. Mayfair is what you would call posh and I absolutely loved my stay. I couldn’t help but peer into people’s homes, swooning over chandelier glistened hallways and exquisitely placed pottery, blossoming over windowsills. For my day off in London, it was exactly what I craved to do: meander. London is best by foot, or shall I say, a good pair of Docs.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out of town, always in and out of my home of NYC. It’s amazing how many planes I’ve been on this year. It seems impossible to go back and count. By the way, I haven’t worn a single proper look this month… constantly sporting a bikini as I hop from island to island. These salty travels have been completely unplanned as work always brings me to surprisingly new destinations, but like I said, I’m back in London next week! Summer for me is a combination of the sea and the city. What is better than having the best of both worlds?! And with every adventure, my wardrobe evolves. I’m truly one who fully immerses in a city’s culture and lifestyle…incorporating it into my very own. Telling my own story and creating my own vision behind my 35mm lens. That’s what makes traveling so exciting, and so meant to be shared. This time, I had to leave my Docs at home because guess what, I’m on the beaches of St. Maarten for a week. Be right back babes.

Yune Ho top

Salvatore Ferragamo skirt

Salvatore Ferragamo bag

Dr. Martens boots



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