Now isn’t this the most stunning landscape you’ve ever seen? The sky so blue…the ocean behind me. It’s where the birds nest in Maui’s summer and also the pathway to the most beautiful of rocky cliffs. I certainly went off the beaten path a little during my stay, and got blown away in blue.

We walked carefully through this back trail though untouched, open land. I was stunned by the island’s beauty. With nothing obstructing our views of the water, the wind from the ocean feel extra intense. I just let my hair just fly and let nature do a little talking. Can you say freedom? Maui is a place to wear barely any makeup. A place to let your hair down. It’s a place to wear easy breezy cotton that you can move in. The air feels balmy so more you let your skin breath and go with the flow, the better. We eventually ran into teenagers tanning on the rocks and jumping into the ocean from the highest of cliffs. Clearly, we found a spot for the locals. I grabbed myself a bottle of champagne and sat and watched the sunset. I’ve never felt so far away from the city in my entire life.

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