I don’t leave the house without a knit. It’s the finishing touch to my look. It completes it. I like taking something like a classic white pant and trouser, and transforming it. I love something that makes me stand out from the pack. St. John has some incredible little knit jackets and blazers. They are pure luxury. The St. John tweed knit jacket  reminds me so much of a vintage blazer you can only find in super special consignment boutiques. I jumped at this jacket once I spotted it online. It’s the fit. It’s the fabric. St. John is modern luxury and you can tell just by feeling it. Living in it. Why is black and white always so chic?!

I sported this look just as our crazy NYC weather took a turn. I’m completely welcoming in the warmth, rays of sunshine, and cool breezes that sneak in through my windows at night. Spring inspires me more than any other time of year to curate my wardrobe and recharge. Sticking with my basics and mixing in some new updated knits that can easily be thrown on… anywhere and anytime. And with spring, comes a ton of exciting projects. I haven’t had a day off, but I love every part of my job. The travel. The people. It’s this time of year I become more and more inspired to create. My job comes with a lot of planning. It comes with a ton of meetings with my team. It comes with a lot of conference calls and creative briefing. It comes with event hopping and meetings. People may not know that being an editor means creating the story, shooting the images, editing, writing. So much goes into one single post. Sometimes my days begin at 8am and end past 10pm! There’s certainly no time to rush home to Dumbo, Brooklyn to change before a dinner meeting. It’s funny how much production goes into literally one project, but I love every step and process of what I do. Story-telling. Creating. I took this look on a spin for a day of my usual meetings. My days begin with 2 cups of coffee before heading into my closet. I’m a master of the “throw on and go” ensemble. And it always revolves around black and white. I don’t need a tiny dress and sky high heels to feel sophisticated and feminine. A classic white blouse with necktie, a really adorable culotte, and of course, that statement knit. The look has never failed me. I promise everyone won’t be able to take their eyes off you in that important presentation in that next meeting. Who needs a dress, when you can make pants and a cool blazer your thing?

*Sponsored by St. John + ShopStyle *

St. John tweed knit jacket

St. John silk blouse

St. John culotte pants


  1. Shloka says:

    This knit is a beauty for sure and I love the pattern! You’ve taken something super classic and made it so trendy and young and that is what I love most!

    Plus, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who needs two cups of coffee to function every morning!



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