There’s something about Veuve Clicquot Rich that blends perfectly with Desert X’s Mirage art installation by Doug Aitken in Palm Springs, California. The silver. The reflections. The need for a cool glass of champagne under the hot desert sun.

The Mirage art installation is a play on mirrors in the shape of a house smack dab in the middle of the open desert, high on a hill. During the day, the mirrors reflect a beautiful wide-angle view of the desert landscape, the sand, the open blue skies, and gorgeous mountains. All of which can be seen around the home. The closer you walk towards this one-level suburban style home, the more the exterior disappears and you start feeling closer to the desert landscape. At night, the twinkling reflection off Palm Springs makes the Mirage even more spectacular. It’s a continually changing vision whether you’re standing outside of the home or inside it. It was certainly an experience to remember…connecting us back with the beauty and simplicity of nature and all of it’s wonders! It was a perfect and remote place to relax under the sun…and with the right drink of course.

So here are the steps to my Veuve Clicquot Rich drink.

Step 1? Ice in a glass.

Step 2? Get a fresh ingredient. I used cucumber!

Step 3? Pour chilled Veuve Clicquot Rich into the glass.

Voila. Delicious summer drink complete in 3 super easy steps. It’s in the heat that I crave something a little bit more sweet and refreshing.

Any fresh vegetable or fruit can work with Veuve Clicquot Rich. This champagne is inspired by mixology, and works so well poured over ice and fresh ingredients. Besides cucumber, I recommend: celery, grapefruit, pepper, tea, and even pineapple. Veuve Clicquot Rich actually enhances their natural flavor. It’s a fun and innovative way to drink your favorite champagne. Now I’m just waiting on my group of friends to join me in this desert escape and cheers at sundown.

Emory Park crop top

Rebecca Taylor white jeans

Brother Vellies sandals

Minnetonka leather hat



  1. Esther chua says:

    How anyone can look so perfect overtime and never fail. Love the champagne very much so glad you are holding my fav. alcohol lol.


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