I’ve worn these silver leather pants with everything. They’re a new item from my Sandro Paris family and I fell in love with them their Mick Jagger-ness instantly. At Coachella, I let them do all the talking with just a cropped blouse and my reliable Nike Cortez sneakers. I even wear them under dresses for a little unexpected pop of shiny metal.

It feels so right to me. Right now I’m leaning towards pieces that feel a bit more daring lately. The “same old, same old,” well they are feeling OLD to me. haha. I’m always looking outwards for new inspiration. Colors. People. Travels.  I’m back in NYC and though I’m super swamped with countless shoots and events every single night, I stock up on these statement pieces that get me through all the hectic happenings. They’re my go-to’s. Because who wants to look like anybody else? Go bold instead.

Sandro Paris blouse

Sandro Paris silver pants

Nike shoes

Luiny earrings

23 Responses to A TOUCH OF SHINY METAL

  1. Neele says:

    OMG I really love this Look!!! The Blouse is fantastic and super sweet and the combination with the metallic pants and Nikes is brilliant. Thank you so much for this Inspiration.

    XoXo from Germany

    Neele vom Fashionblog Justafewthings.de


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