I’m finally onto the last day of PFW, and it’s certainly time to keep things a bit more simple before boarding my next flight. A clean, fresh striped shirt… jeans that hug in all the right places…and amazing suede booties. But something’s missing. Yes, a beret. A French staple. This past winter I’ve traded in my Russian hats and fluffy beanies for a classic beret. Easy, and oh, so chic. The key to Parisian style is making jeans, a beret, and shirt feel elegant. Especially for lunch at the extra elegant hotel, The Peninsula. But it wasn’t before long I hit the Parisian streets only to get stuck in the rain, without a map. I had to stop a Parisian to ask where on Earth I can turn to walk to the Tour de Eiffel. He showed me where, and recommended to take a second route…”the chic side of the street.” Perfect.


// Sandro Paris shirt, Sandro Paris jeans, Sandro Paris suede boots, Sandro Paris red bag, Goorin hat //

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  1. laurie manson says:

    Your overall package makes you the most wanted person to wear their clothing. You are one hell of a model for sure ! Love Sandroparis too.


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