Okay, so I can’t stop listening to Drake’s One Dance. Honestly. I scream when I hear it at a bar. I listen to it daily on the train. Which brings me to my love for my weekend sportswear. The clothes that I do yoga in. The clothes I run in. The clothes I want to dance on the subways in. Why head to the gym in a hoodie when you can in a gold bomber? Eclectic and quirky is in my DNA. It are these drop crotch pants that I slip into the moment I come home from a shoot. And this sheer jersey you’ll find me crawling into bed in. The #JGxBench collection from London, England is made for babes who love to dance and bust a few moves. I’m a dancer and I’m all about wearing clothes that allow me to move and groove. Clothes that feel good on my skin. Whether it be barefoot in my apartment with my headphones on, or taking a run out from Dumbo across the Brooklyn bridge. Don’t constrict me…ever.


// BENCH JBxBench collection in collab with UK artist, Jess Glyne //

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      there’s not point in trying to stand in line the Wed night. So I think I’ll just go at 5am or something like that. Anyone else doing something similar? Is anyone familiar with the grounds enough so that they can tell me if this is possible? I want to be in the front row right in front of Win!


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