Just looking back at these photos make me sigh. I have approximately 2 hours until I have to head to the airport…yet again, for work. Traveling is indeed tiresome (I can barely open my eyes at the moment), but it is equally just as much a fuel for me. Some places just take your breath away, and it’s worth that really long walk or train ride or hours stuck on an airplane. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as beautiful as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Just a short walk from the city’s most luxurious shopping district. My Firenze diaries really don’t ever seem to end now do they? I keep rediscovering lost, unpublished moments. It was a rainy afternoon on the Ponte Vecchio, but even with the grey skies, the city was golden. Glistening with it’s raindrops. It was our last day in the city, and I felt the city was weeping with us. I didn’t want to leave this magical place. There’s something very romantic about a walk in the rain in an unknown city and disappearing into the nearest cafe. I’ll remember every street corner and every face we’ve come in contact with, but never it’s name.


// Muubaa shearling coat, Band of Gypsies top, White + Warren travel wrap, VEDA pants, Ax + Apple necklace //


    1. eloisa says:

      I’m from Florence: thank you for the beautiful words! The name of the Duomo is actually Santa Maria DEL Fiore, just a minor thing but I guess you wanted to know since you loved it : )


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