I went behind the wheel of our tiny motor boat at Isola Giglio, a beautiful little island off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. We had nothing but the open sea and a soaked, torn map. As we sped past giant rocks surrounded the main land, we found peaceful little beaches on the coast to anchor down, and do some swimming. I went with just a classic black bikini, a cotton dress, and tons of sunscreen. As we started speeding, my hat flew straight into the ocean! Luckily, the sea was calm and I reached in a grabbed it before it completely disappeared. You can’t separate a girl and her hat. We were sun drunk and I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I couldn’t wait for a long nap on the way home. Our hotel deck was the perfect relaxtion spot for our last day in the dreamy Porto Santo Stefano. I did nothing but finish my book and practice flips with the boys. But we were craving pizza. And we wanted the best. So where to next?! NAPLES.


// Joie dress, River Island swimsuit //

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