Buenos Dias from San Juan, Puerto Rico! It felt so good to be able to walk outside in nothing but a pair of shorts and a crop top for the first time in what felt like eternity. Our faces glistening and dewy thanks to the heat. I fell in love with this colorful, spicy city that I’ve only heard so much about. Apparently New Yorkers are just obsessed with visiting PR because come on, it’s only about 3 hours flight away to heaven! Besides the clear blue waters, San Juan has so much history, mixed with new contemporary beauty. Me and our travel babes decided to get in our van and be taken anywhere…and see the real San Jaun. The San Juan outside outside our luxurious Condado Vanderbilt hotel walls. There’s definitely more to this place than a beach to get tan on. No complaints there, but we were on a mission to get some incredilble photos, GRUB, and adventures. All while practicing our español. We stopped at Kamoli Cafe…intigued by it’s bohemian vibe, complete with bright pink and electric blue walls. We wanted anything…coffee, food. We’re hungry gals! It wasn’t until the next few days that we really got to digging our teeth into real local food. Mofongo, bone marrow, galore! I’ve got loads more stories to tell. But first, here’s just a tiny slice of Puerto Rico.

condado-8resizedjpgcondado-12resizedcondado-10resizedcondado-9resizedcondado-6resizedcondado-17resizedcondado-18condado-5resizedcondado-13resizedcondado-11resizedcondado-15resizedcondado-20resizedcondado-14resizedcondado-1resized// Biko necklace, VEDA leather overalls, Motel Rocks crop top, Wildfox Couture sunglasses, Pedro Garcia sandals //

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