pump7resizedTraveling circus. Traveling band. That get up, and get out of town, eclectic look. Your favorite fur oversize coat. Fringed leather miniskirt. And you can’t separate a girl from her best friend: her Jimmy Choos. It’s all about throwing on anything and everything and owning it. But it’s all in the hat. This baby was customized in Venice Beach by the incredible Nick Fouquet. I’ve always wanted a perfectly squared top hat, complete with a burnt brim and a match stick. So so clever, and it turned out wicked. Everyday is another reason to dress up. Even if I’m at home on a Sunday, it STILL feels good to put on a pair of heels…though it makes me over 6 feet. But whatever, nobody’s watching.


// Elizabeth & James coat, 1. State skirt, Jimmy Choo snake pumps, Nick Fouquet hat //

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  1. becky hutner says:

    venice represent!! that hat is incredible. also coincidentally, yesterday i was on the receiving end of a pickup line that fits perfectly with today’s theme…i’m in the elevator of my palm beach hotel on the way to breakfast & a dude in pajama pants abruptly gives me his hand & says, “Hey, I’m James. I’m here with the traveling circus.” HA!


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