Tailored to Perfection | F21


This look is super vintage inspired. We’re talking the 70’s! Classic Jane Birkin and Patti Smith. Babes who lived for their tailored jackets, ties, and pantsuits. This sleek black duster by Forever 21 is part of their premium outerwear collection. It has a bit of shine, and it’s my go-to for nights out on the town. I like that it has a bit more structure, a bit more edge. With a silk pantsuit, some fishnet socks, and platform shoes, it’s all about those retro nights…curled up in the studio with your favorite band. Rock n’ roll baby.


// Forever 21 longline duster coat, Sea New York blouse and silk pants, Worth & Worth marfa hat, Coach handbag, Hue socks, Sabrina Tach platform shoes //

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