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The Bunny Benni

Get your Pink on

A Green Easter

Blue Baby Blue

It’s Easter weekend everyone, and all I am seeing are baby pinks, greens, and blues, baby blues! My 3 top favorite hues for the holiday weekend. I’m already all dressed for the day in mini green jumper, and of course, one of my favorite of the shoes we’ve designed…the “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” BENNI boot! And just in time for the holiday, we created the BUNNY BENNI! Meet this adorable suede beauty of a boot, good enough to run around in search of Easter eggs and cause a ruckus, in the Blush, Mint, and Teal. I’m ready to get my groove on this weekend, pastels and all! Wishing everyone a beautiful and sunny Easter weekend!
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Neon Summer Dream

Photographed by Dylana Suarez
Summer’s downtown are always the best. Craving the days I can finally hop on my bike, and ride to Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Bridge, grab a popcicle on the sidewalk, and come home, dressed in summery neon prints. Here I am photographed by my sister, Dylana Suarez, for Volcom. She shot a lot of my past print campaigns, but it was rad being snapped up inside my new apartment, where things are finally coming together. Floral blankets line my bed, we’ve got a tee-pee of a lamp, and rows of neon wax candles from Woodstock. My new home is finally becoming a home and I’m obsessed…I love being able to walk to Soho, to the LES, and down the Bowery in a matter of a minutes. Plus, it’s now a new top favorite stop for my friends in the neighborhood. A place to make music, order-in, and watch endless amounts of movies. This summer looks like one to be filled with ombre colors, stripes, and lots of brightly colored beanies and stacked on jewelry. Bring on the east coast heat! With some beachy west coast finds, I’m bound to survive.

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Winter Pavement

(Vintage dress, SW3 Bespoke coat, American Eagle beanie, Marie Turnor bag, Dr. Marten boots)
I was here in my NYC apartment, and for the first time, I saw real snow…and falling!! Yes, it’s exciting and beautiful, and all you want to do is sit for hours looking down out your window. My sister and I, being the LA girls we are, ran outside, so shocked by the cold, and snapped our first real photos in the NYC snow. A snowy winter day we’ve only read about in books, on the sunny patios of our house in the LA Valley. The inability to feel your fingers, the white beanies, and chunky Dr. Martens to brave the slippery streets…dressing for winter can be fun, until now, when it’s nearly April, and you’re still in beanies and coats, and all you want is summer sweat and denim shorts. This look reminds me of those chilly London days late last year, when I never took off my Docs, and I lived in little vintage frocks and stockings. Right now, the sun is currently shining brightly into my living room, and it’s only beginning to feel a bit like Spring. Already dreaming of those weekends on 2nd Avenue when all the tables are out on the restaurants and the streets are filled with people. Till then, I’ll be curled up under my wool coat. 

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SXSW: Speak to the Wind

(GUESS shorts, Paige Denim deconstructed shirt, Free People cardigan and hat, Ax+ Apple kaleiodoscope ring, Black Water Moon rings, Vintage Shoe Co. “Covington” boots)
I was just in a vintage shop, trying on a cowboy hat, and it brought back a flood of SXSW memories. Memories of Austin, the music, the people, the SUN. I came home and rediscovered these lost images on my camera. The sunsets bouncing off the house of kids, the long lines outside of Hotel Vegas, the beer bottles lining the stage. I loved some Southern livin’, even if it were only for less than a week. Rio Rita was our hideout throughout the day. To charge up…to giggle…to down coffee before the next gig at midnight. I’ll never forget the retro orange couches, and woven lanterns. To stay cool, I tore up the town in these embroidered denim shorts. Slightly loose, and a bit low on my hips, they were perfect with only a denim shirt and extra long cardigan…for making my way through the crazy town. My woven hat is now imperfectly perfect, and I’m desperately seeking my next hat item for Coachella! I’ve been on the lookout for a desert hat, and I think I’ve just about found one.
Our nights slowly, but surely did come to a close. I finally got to see my British luvs Citizens! and dance at the top of the W, before nearly falling asleep on a patio chair at the Gypsy Lounge. It was only till Kelsea told me to snap out of it that I finally got up, because before we knew it, it was nearly 1:30 am, just the start of the night’s big GUESS party at VEVO Live! Yes, I had to go, I mean my GUESS festival images from our shoot were displayed everyone on the screens, flashing in the night. Of course I’m getting up and going, I told myself. Luckily, we made the walk over late into the night, and it was fantastic. Festival clothing were blowing in the wind, a Japanese taco truck kept me alive, and Tito’s Vodka lined the bar. I tried my hardest to take an image of my GUESS photos with my phone! By 6 in the morning, we were headed home, and everything was a blur! 
But here it is! My GUESS festival shoot, on the screens of the night’s GUESS event! 
(GUESS festival campaign image)

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