The Bunny Benni

Get your Pink on

A Green Easter

Blue Baby Blue

It’s Easter weekend everyone, and all I am seeing are baby pinks, greens, and blues, baby blues! My 3 top favorite hues for the holiday weekend. I’m already all dressed for the day in mini green jumper, and of course, one of my favorite of the shoes we’ve designed…the “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” BENNI boot! And just in time for the holiday, we created the BUNNY BENNI! Meet this adorable suede beauty of a boot, good enough to run around in search of Easter eggs and cause a ruckus, in the Blush, Mint, and Teal. I’m ready to get my groove on this weekend, pastels and all! Wishing everyone a beautiful and sunny Easter weekend!
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52 Responses to The Bunny Benni

  1. Jack Nami says:

    Stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced. Material is in very good quality, I wear this when weather is good or not very cold, as you know the leather jackets are not good at keeping you warm, it just gives a nice style. Anyway, I am quite satisfied to get this at, the style I like and want.

  2. Christina Parker says:

    You’re also a talented writer and I look forward to your posts, be they many or few. I can’t narrow the focus of my blog either but am happy with that “niche-free” status. It allows for more variety. After all, we should do it for ourselves, first and foremost, yes? I’ve been in a blogging slump lately but will be coming back to life this week. See you around the!


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