Winter Pavement

(Vintage dress, SW3 Bespoke coat, American Eagle beanie, Marie Turnor bag, Dr. Marten boots)
I was here in my NYC apartment, and for the first time, I saw real snow…and falling!! Yes, it’s exciting and beautiful, and all you want to do is sit for hours looking down out your window. My sister and I, being the LA girls we are, ran outside, so shocked by the cold, and snapped our first real photos in the NYC snow. A snowy winter day we’ve only read about in books, on the sunny patios of our house in the LA Valley. The inability to feel your fingers, the white beanies, and chunky Dr. Martens to brave the slippery streets…dressing for winter can be fun, until now, when it’s nearly April, and you’re still in beanies and coats, and all you want is summer sweat and denim shorts. This look reminds me of those chilly London days late last year, when I never took off my Docs, and I lived in little vintage frocks and stockings. Right now, the sun is currently shining brightly into my living room, and it’s only beginning to feel a bit like Spring. Already dreaming of those weekends on 2nd Avenue when all the tables are out on the restaurants and the streets are filled with people. Till then, I’ll be curled up under my wool coat. 

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  1. Olli Mosby says:

    giiirl,you’re the first fashion blogger that i follow..almost since u began. don’t know how i found u but i’m glad to see ur blog growing. now it’d be easy =p anyway, love your style and spirt!! i’m sorry about my bad english ahah i’m getting courage to start my now.=) best wishes divaaa*


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