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Mini Grilling

It really feels like summertime in NYC. There’s that certain smell, and I always sleep differently in the summer…waking up at odd hours to turn on the air conditioner. But this is still my favorite time of the year, even though I’m gross and sticky half the time. It’s both leg and barbeque season and I could stay on my friend’s rooftop in Brooklyn forever, overlooking the crazy city I call my home. This evening ended up with my friends and I covering just about everything we were grilling with pure barbeque sauce…that is, before we realized how good it would be to eat sauce straight from the bottle. Oohhhh, summer nights, you’re going to rock.

Go on Tour with Polyvore/Prius c

Go on Tour with Prius c
Go on Tour with Prius c by natalieoffduty featuring graphic t shirts

There may be one thing I miss about home life in California…my baby blue Prius. Yep, the thing is still sitting my garage back in sunny LA, and I do miss those long road-trips down the highway with all my friends in the backseat. I’ve always been the driver, and prefer to take control when I hit the road! Take a little peek at another look I sported just the other month back at Coachella. It’s really no surprise that I’ve still got musical festivals on my mind.

Sooo there you have it, what will be in my suitcase on the next trip back to Cali, where the music’s good and living’s easy. Embroidered blouses, rock tees, colorful jeans, worn-in boots, and lots and lots of jewelry. Oh, and can’t forget a killer red lip. Continue to follow me on Polyvore (I really am addicted) and
Enter the Polyvore/Prius c contest to win a 2 day pass to San Francisco’s Outside Land’s Festival in August!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I could use some bay area breeze! Now considering trading in my baby Prius for this bad boy 🙂

Good luck everyone!

Play Hard

The humidity and heat have made me turn to the more low-key pieces in my wardrobe…hence, the sporty sneakers. I’m not sure why, but whenever I wear them I find myself literally bouncing off the walls (thanks Dy for capturing that moment where I thought kicking myself off the brick wall multiple times was ok) and but yeah, it’s fun to be one of the boys. Making my way to the basketball court, I felt like one of the team in blue and neon stripes and nothing, but stretchy, moveable cottons! Sometimes it’s just best to let loose.
By the way, Happy Memorial Day! Having no real plans really is the best plan isn’t it? It’s obvious that I’ll do anything to end up in a park, spread out on the grass, in good company.

So Fit

 These past few days have been so crazy. My friends from London are in town, and already my apartment has been become one big babe hangout. Plus, I like to think I’m gaining an accent…I mean, I sometimes slip a “so FIT” just to be funny and I’m beginning to call bandaids “plasters” only because I think it’s ridiculously amusing. We are also shooting my good friend Zoey’s new collection for Disco Pony, in all it’s sparkle glory. We’ve made it quite an intimate shoot and have only been shooting in my apartment. It’s sultry and a bit more personal than most of my shoots…only because my apartment is a place I haven’t really let anyone photograph me in quite yet. They’re my pals so I made an exception. Let’s just say there’s lots of rolling around in my knickers! Cheers to that!

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