Mini Grilling

It really feels like summertime in NYC. There’s that certain smell, and I always sleep differently in the summer…waking up at odd hours to turn on the air conditioner. But this is still my favorite time of the year, even though I’m gross and sticky half the time. It’s both leg and barbeque season and I could stay on my friend’s rooftop in Brooklyn forever, overlooking the crazy city I call my home. This evening ended up with my friends and I covering just about everything we were grilling with pure barbeque sauce…that is, before we realized how good it would be to eat sauce straight from the bottle. Oohhhh, summer nights, you’re going to rock.

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  1. OctoberSong says:

    you look so stunning as usual! i want to be on a roof on brooklyn all summer hehe!^^ the bf says there’s such a particular smell in ny during the summer that he hasn’t experienced anywhere else, i need to know what it is! <3


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