Monthly Archives: May 2012


(Free People tunic, Juicy Couture jeans, Dylana’s sandals, Alimonada accessories, Bonlook sunglasses)
Summer is creeping up on us like nobody’s business and I’m trading in my jumpers for light tunics and bold denim. I really don’t have a fear of getting gross and grimy and so I prefer to bike everywhere…as do my crazy friends, even when the sun is out and we’re sweating bullets. I mean, come on, my tunic already has plenty of holes and I do have troubles keeping my jeans clean, but when you’re lying in the grass and hitting the pavement, you’re bound to get dirty. Over in Philadelphia, I stole my friend’s mint green Schwinn, which at first, had completely flat tires due to a year of sitting in the garage. After a quick fix at the local bike shop, we ended up spinning all the way to the art museum. Ending the day in a sun coma is the absolute best.

Studio Time

Just a little sneak peek at what’s to come! I spent last week in the recording studio with my boys at Modern Vice here in NYC at Avatar Studios. It’s nice getting back into singing again. Being in the studio is like being in a totally different universe, compared to anything I’ve ever done before. It’s refreshing to be working on music again…and this time, taking it a bit more seriously. Hours in the box is exhausting, but it’s well worth it once the sound is right. Then you step outside for fresh air and you’re like HALLELUJAH! Can’t wait till I can finally let you listen in on what we’ve got going! Get excited 🙂

Into the Night

Time spent with my sister are always a bit wild. Concerts are a must! We busted out two in one evening and honestly, the guitarist always ends up on the floor…or the night slips away with silly games of hangmen. It’s probably also noticeable that Dy and I share our clothes whenever we’re together. I borrow her leather jacket all the time, or she’ll wear my shoes (yep, we both have the same size foot!) This particular time, our weekend revolved around this killer floral kimono. Over mini-dresses, band tees, or jeans, we both wore it in our own ways. It really did make our rock n’ roll nights all the more merry.

Travel Wish: London

All that I have on my mind are my next travels. Summer is coming up and I’m looking for some sort of getaway. I’ve got a few trips for work coming up, which I’m super stoked about…but I cannot stop thinking about one particular place: London. I don’t know, maybe it’s the constant rain here that’s making me think of heading out East….or you know, it may partially be due to the fact that my friend from London is staying with me and her stories from the city always make me swoon with delight. I’d love a little British rock n’ roll in my life! What comes to mind are Kate Moss, thick heavy accents (which I could listen to all day), and some of the best shopping ever. My down time revolves around browsing sites like Shopikon…lustfully peeking inside stores and hole-in-the-wall spots around the world. Heeeey, mind if I make a visit?