Spain Video: Wearing Disco Pony

(On me: Disco Pony gold dress, On Zoey: Disco Pony tank)
Photos by: Albert Dedau

Here I am photographed in Barcelona with one of my very good friends, Zoey Bittleston of the blog Make Shift Model! Introducing the new label designed by the beautiful Zoey herself: DISCO PONY! I am wearing the Disco Pony gold open-backed dress. It’s so gorgeous and sparkles like mad in the sunlight. It is literally a head-turner (I mean, just look at all the people behind me in these photos!) Either that, or no one in Spain has seen paler legs lol. I stayed comfy in a simple pair of ballet flats and a camel colored coat. Zoey is wearing her own design as well, the Disco Pony chain tank! So cute! I miss her so so much! Albert, Zoey’s fiancee, was kind enough to follow us with his camera one afternoon. We snapped these images right smack in the middle of Las Ramblas. He even got TONS of video footage of Zoey and I casually strolling the streets of Barcelona. I’m in love with how he filmed it. It came out with a very soft and natural, with a little glow. A perfect way to remember Spain. Europe is like a dream and this video definitely captures the beauty of it. I can’t wait to visit Spain again!

Watch as Natalie Off Duty and Make Shift Model soak in Barcelona’s beauty!!

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134 Responses to Spain Video: Wearing Disco Pony

  1. Samara says:

    That dress is TO DIE FOR. Seriously.
    xoxo, Samara

    P.S. I’m taking a trip to Spain this summer with my little sister, and all of your photos from your trip have me feeling totally inspired and excited. Thank you so much for posting them!

  2. JT says:

    awww babe! You guys look sooo stunning! Looks like you guys had sooo much fun! Love the video!!!!!!

    Love you MORE though sexxy!


  3. Adripé. says:

    Oh my god, this video is fantastic! You look perfect, and the music couldn’t be more appropriate! It makes me laugh people seeing you curiously! 🙂


  4. Shanah says:

    I just read the news about Andy winning the Mango competition and I just wanted to tell you I think you should have won 🙂 I voted for you!


  5. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    Love the outfit! And love your shades in the video! <3
    Also I love how the video went from being out of focus and then back to being in focus, and then going back and forth. I LOOOVE THAT!! It reminds me of a music video. 😀

  6. LauraMaybe says:

    I know this streets like I know the rute to the bathroom with the lights turned off!

    Beautiful Barcelona and beautiful you!

    Nice way to put a disco dress to go out for a walk


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