MANGO Event in NYC: Meet me Thursday, May 12th (12-7pm!)

Meet me at the MANGO event in New York City this coming Thursday, May 12th (from 12pm-7pm)!

I am hosting this wonderful MANGO event at the MANGO store in Soho:
561 Broadway, New York (Between Prince and Spring St.)

Open to the public! There will be plenty of hors d’oeurvres passed around as well as an unlimited flow of champagne drinks straight from Spain! Come and participate in the styling contest as well! Simply style your own MANGO looks within a budget of $150 or $300, get your hair and makeup done, and get your picture taken! I will be choosing 3 finalists from each category. All 6 winners will receive a MANGO gift card of either $500, $250, or $100! (see details below). Also, everything in the store will be 20% off!

For more details of the event, visit:

I am so so so excited to meet all of my NYC readers on Thursday! See you there! Bring friends! xx

55 Responses to MANGO Event in NYC: Meet me Thursday, May 12th (12-7pm!)

  1. Roz says:

    Sounds very exciting Natalie! Unfortunately, I live on the wrong continent – but good luck, and have a wonderful time. I still love the photos in the outfit you’re wearing. I have a silk shirt in exactly the same shade as the skirt.

  2. Leia says:

    Hi Natalie, I’ve just discovered your blog through a comment you left on mine. You are so beautiful and have such enviable style! I’d love to meet you at this event, but sadly I live in Bangladesh. I hope you have a great time, though, and enjoy meeting your readers in person! xo


  3. fashioneggpplant says:

    Hi Natalie, I wish I was in New York so I could drop by and meet you in person. I am such a fan of yours, and when you left that comment on my blog, I couldn’t believe it, you made my mother’s day so happy! Thanks and good luck with all your endeavors 🙂

  4. Shasie says:

    I wish I lived in New York! I just wanted to say I appreciate you stopping by my blog the other day! With all of your fans, it’s great to know that you like to interact with your readers! It really means a lot to have such a distinguished blogger stop by! Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day to your family!

    Live Life in Style


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