Hosting the MANGO + Marie Claire Event in Santa Monica!

Wearing MANGO head to toe 🙂

My beautiful friends and fans came out to see me! I love them for it!

I was surprisingly very comfortable having the camera follow me during the entire event! The MANGO film crew were so much fun!

My sister, Dylana Suarez, and our good friend and new fashion blogger, Shamime Shaw, came out to the event! They’re the best!


The lovely Carmen Chan, creator and photographer of How I Met Your Style, came out! She has become one of my very good friends ever since photographing us in our home!

Such a sweet reader of my blog. She showed so much support. Love her!

About to perform!!

I performed 2 songs. All of which were recorded by MANGO and should be out later this month! was also there to get video footage of me at the event!

My beautiful sister, Dylana Suarez, dancing the night away and looking stellar!

Friexenet, a drink from Spain, was flowing constantly throughout the night!

I loved meeting these girls. They were so sweet!

The lovely Jenna Wonser of The Freckled Husky, made a few of us these gorgeous rings! She is the best!

wink wink 😉 Nilo is my favorite filmmaker ever!

Gorgeous attendees including Shea (right) of the blog Cheyenne Meets Chanel!

We even had little MANGO fans! They got their polaroids taken to enter the $500 gift card raffle! How cute are they?!

MANGO Loves Fashion Bloggers!

I finally got to meet Mckenzie Dowler of The Fitting. She was so much fun and we have become such great friends! I helped her style a look for Spring. She chose out this beautiful knit sweater!

Working on interviews!

So many delicious hor d’oeuvres! Mmmmm!! I wish I got a snapshot of the mini hamburgers!

Mushroom Top 🙂

Being goofy with Sheraf!

My favorite twins, Rebecca of Style With Benefits and Melanie of Wrecked Stellar! I loved their outfits!

On Friday night, I hosted the MANGO + Marie Claire event in Santa Monica! It was the most wonderful experience ever. So many of my friends came out, as well as many of my blog readers! I got to finally meet them in person, and even help them shop for some of their favorite spring pieces. Everyone found a MANGO piece they loved that really fit their own personal style. Specially for the event, I went with a beautiful head to toe MANGO outfit. It was very romantic and soft, perfect for spring: a sheer printed blouse with a blush pink ballerina skirt. It was the first thing I tried on when I went in a few days in advance to pick out my outfit and right away, I knew it was the special outfit to wear that night.

I had the lovely MANGO film crew there to videotape me at the event. They were so much fun and I felt totally comfortable in front of the camera. I did interviews throughout the night, as well as got in footage with the guests! It was such a blast. We had a ton of laughs. So many of the guests got dressed in MANGO looks and got their picture taken, to enter the $500 raffle! (Congrats to my lovely blog reader, Jennifer, for winning!)

I ended the evening with a performance, singing and playing my guitar. I did one song, and everyone wanted to hear more, and so I went ahead and sang another one. I loved performing for everyone live. It was such a special part of the night. I’m a bit nervous to see it on video, but also very excited. It was such a wonderful evening and I have give a big thank you to MANGO and Marie Claire magazine for giving me this opportunity. To be a part of the MANGO brand has been a total dream come true. It was one night I will never forget! Thanks to everyone who came out! xx

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156 Responses to Hosting the MANGO + Marie Claire Event in Santa Monica!

  1. Rachella says:

    I totally love your skirt it suits you so well!
    please give your opinion about my latest look too, if you’ve got a little time. I’d love to hear your opinion about it (and my blog in general) because I adore your blog+style and want to develop mine in the upcoming weeks more and more! 🙂

  2. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    Oohh such tricky colors so wear, I would look like a nude person and the clothes would look like bare skin. I am not good with pale peachy colors. This proves that you can get away with so many colors. I love the blouse because of the little details and that delicate cut, so much movement. The sleeves look divine. The bow gives it a very romantic touch. I hope you had a wonderful time. PS love your sisters skirt, again fabulous fabric

  3. Audrey Allure says:

    Great photos! I was at the event Marie Claire + Mango were having here in NY! Although, it wasn’t as fabulous as it looked over there (it was also raining that night here lol). I didn’t enter the contest, but I had a great time shopping & sipping on champagne 🙂

  4. Haru says:

    awww, i wish i had been in Spain so that I could get a photo of me with you! 😛
    I LOVE Mango…I’ve just got Mango suede clogs and love them so much!! 😀

    Haru x

  5. Rebecca says:

    very fresh and very pretty!

    and congrats on being able to sing and play guitar too, it seems so difficult, me and a friend we’re in a deep conversation about this today aha

  6. Mac Daddy says:

    Natalie! I’m so glad I was able to finally meet you too! You looked absolutely amazing at the event, but then again you always look beautiful. I’m so glad we all got to spend the weekend together, I had such a blast! You are so fun, even if you do style me in skin-tight daisy dukes 😉

    LUV YOU!

  7. Julie Iliana says:

    aahh wish I could have been there! looks like it was tons of fun 🙂 can’t wait for the video!

    PS- not sure if this is only happening to me (and if my computer just sucks) but your blog is really slowing down everything and freezing my comp. 🙁 not sure if you could do something to help those of us who have sucky computers see your blog better?

  8. Catita says:

    I am in love with your skirt! I tried on the off white one and loved it but was in such a rush I did not have time to get it, seeing it on you reminds me how amazing it is! And it is funny since I am only 5’3” it goes under my knees and I see it is right at your knees! I guess I’ll use it as a mid length skirts which I thought it was since those are almost full length skirts on me!
    You and your sister have got it!

  9. Lainey says:

    Oh Natalie, you look stellar. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-I am kicking myself for having to work that day. I would’ve much rather been there to meet and greet with y’all! It looks like so much fun!

  10. Stella says:

    you look amazing in your romantic colors!! i hope you had tons of fun and keep up your posting because stopping by your blog is one of my faves!!
    take a peek at my blog if you have the time!



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