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Whenever I find a new adventure shoe I begin to obsess. I love easy sandals and slides that are just as comfy as they look. When I’m “off duty,” I really can’t slide my feet into anything else. Shoes that can easily take me all over the world. I just discovered Sanuk. The brand’s simple silhouettes have the ability to be styled in every single way. You can count on their quality and comfort. They’re the only sandals I packed for my work trip in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Perfect with a 70’s inspired denim mini and some statement sunglasses for breakfast in the Gaslamp district. Flat shoes are sometimes more effortlessly chic than any heel. Especially when I’m exploring a new city. And trying too hard is so out this season. I don’t have to try with this pair and so they will stay with me all summer.

Shop them at Sanuk.


// Sanuk sandals, MiH denim dress, Saint Laurent scarf, Marie Turnor handbag, Miu Miu sunglasses //




When in Roma, and traveling in 90 degree weather, wear only shoulder baring tops. This year I have been traveling so much, and I have still so much to fill you in on. This was my last day in ITALIA. Looking back, I have thoroughly enjoyed living my entire summer in this one pair denim shorts, having the craziest tan ever, and the blondest of locks. Since then, I’ve colored my hair back to a chocolate brown, and back to my normal olive shade. It is only in Italy that you can just eat pizza and canolis all day…sit in a square, and watch the artist’s paint an image of the city. You sometimes deserve to treat yourself to an escape that feels much like out of a movie or fairytale. I remember just arriving in Rome, and hopping on the back of a scooter taxi. We were far too tired from our roadtrip to walk. We slept in the back seat as we dodged traffic through the noisy streets past the Colosseum, our driver shouting and ringing her bell. So hot and smoldering, I had to squint just looking up at it. But still, happy as can be. It’s nice knowing you can cool off with a perfect glass of white wine on any street corner. But now, can you believe it’s mid-fall? All I can smell are the pumpkin spice lattes and pine cones. My wool winter coats are finally making an appearance…as are my leather jackets. I’m currently in San Francisco. Making my way to LA in the afternoon, and planning a Caribbean work trip in the next month. Somehow trying to fit in my birthday with friends in the mix. Who says you need sleep when you’ve got places to go…and people to see?!


And due to limited wifi, I realized not one of my Snapchats posted. Luckily, I have them saved..for memories. Now watch them on my YOUTUBE.

// Free People top, Vintage shorts and vintage scarf, Coach backpack //



I went behind the wheel of our tiny motor boat at Isola Giglio, a beautiful little island off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. We had nothing but the open sea and a soaked, torn map. As we sped past giant rocks surrounded the main land, we found peaceful little beaches on the coast to anchor down, and do some swimming. I went with just a classic black bikini, a cotton dress, and tons of sunscreen. As we started speeding, my hat flew straight into the ocean! Luckily, the sea was calm and I reached in a grabbed it before it completely disappeared. You can’t separate a girl and her hat. We were sun drunk and I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I couldn’t wait for a long nap on the way home. Our hotel deck was the perfect relaxtion spot for our last day in the dreamy Porto Santo Stefano. I did nothing but finish my book and practice flips with the boys. But we were craving pizza. And we wanted the best. So where to next?! NAPLES.


// Joie dress, River Island swimsuit //



Italy’s best kept secret is definitely the beautiful coast of Porto Santo Stefano. You won’t find this beautiful place in many travel books, and that’s what makes it super special. It’s more of Italian local’s summer destination. The beaches are so incredibly blue green that it doesn’t even look real. So isolated and untouched that you find yourself driving in circles before you find that tiny wooden sign pointing you in the right direction! Eventually we found the sign “Calla de Gesso” scribbled on a little wooden board. We looked over the cliff in awe. I had never seen anything so serene! Water so crystal clear. Made for swimming out to the giant rocks, only to discover hidden coves. We sat and dangled our feet, fully enjoying this once in a lifetime moment. When we’re on the road, we always made sure to pack some mozzarella tomato sandwiches because we really never knew where we’d end up, and there’s nothing a good sandwich can’t fix when you’re on the go. I had a feeling we’d be on this tiny little beach for most of the day, with nothing but our little umbrella stuck in the rocks, and a layer of sunscreen. Calla de Gesso reminded me so much beach I was reading about in the book Beautiful Ruins…a tiny beach washed up with little rocks on the side of a cliff. And it’s so difficult to get to, but worth trekking down in the summer heat. We also spent a day at the calm La Feniglia Ansedonia. A beach town lined with giant tall trees. I still remember the meal we had there like it was yesterday. It was one of the best meals we had the entire trip! We started with extra fresh buttery garlic mussels, and licked our plates clean of the shrimp spaghetti. We rented bikes and were zooming down the coast, only the trees towering above us. I was living in nothing but one-piece swimsuits and cut-off denim shorts. Complete freedom. Life is good.


// Solid & Striped red swimsuit, Hudson Jeans boyfriend shorts, Onia black swimsuit//