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H&M STUDIO Spring 2022 launch!

// H&M Studio Spring 2022 look and accessories. Sarah Flint heels //

The H&M Studio Spring/Summer 2022 collection is an immediate mood lifter. This unique 80’s inspired dress and legging combination is electric and allows me to stand out in a crowd. It’s amazing how color like this always makes me feel more alive. Shop it quick! It always goes fast. 


// H&M Studio A/W 2020 collection //

I always love shooting for the H&M Studio A/W 2020 collection. Last was earlier this spring on the beaches of Malibu with the team, but this time, we shot it right here in NYC on my rooftop. H&M Studio seems to always master incredible prints and beautiful, bold colors that instantly scream high fashion. This season’s drop is all about glamour. Think 70’s disco. I immediately gravitated towards the red hot leather pants. The vintage-inspired fit is perfect. This is a look to be worn over and over again in different ways. What’s your favorite piece? 


// H&M dress, Le Specs x Adam Selman sunglasses, Sophia Webster shoes, Chanel bag //

Throw on your sun dress and sporty shades. There are only a few more days left of summer. It went by so fast. It was one where I actually got to embrace a simple summer in the city, where the parks are the only place to go. This may be the only year where I can fully stay put, and I’m grateful for all this time here in my neighborhood. Slowly, I can already feel the cool breeze coming in as we approach fall. There is always a sense of freshness and excitement that I feel as we move into a new season. The city is so, so ready for it. 


// H&M Conscious Exclusive collection dress, scarf, earrings, sunglasses, and sandals // 

Carbon emissions from our individual actions have already been reduced due to our current circumstances. We need to take this as an example on how we can make a huge impact with our daily choices by seeing how the world is affected when we limit our footprint. If we each start living more sustainably, we can drastically improve the wellbeing of our planet. The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection focuses on pieces created from leftover stock fabrics from previous collections, and they are using a new, sustainable way of processing materials. My sandals happen to be vegea, created from discarded grape skins, stalks and seeds made into an alternative type of material that is much better for Mother Earth. It’s times like these that we really can reinvent the way we live, by using what we already have. During this time at home, I am taking shorter showers, recycling, turning off lights that don’t need to be used, buying only what I really need, and using non-toxic products around my house. This wake up call is something I’m really using to learn and grow from so I can do my part in helping bring our planet back to a better place for us all.

This stunning collection is glamorous, inspired by Le Train Bleu, the elegant train in France from the 1920’s. I have fallen in love with this blue mosaic print and I hope you love it as much as I do!