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I am so excited to give you a first ever, sneak peek inside my home! I bought this loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn about a year ago, and fell in love with it’s open space and amazing, iconic location. Not to mention, huge kitchen and closet (closet used more than kitchen hehe). It’s my special place to create, grow, and feel inspired! Waking up to the view of the Empire State building every morning easily gets me in that New York City groove. Enjoy this peek inside my home!

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Video shot by Dylana Suarez



Getting my DUMBO loft together this year has been insanely fun. My first home in NYC that is finally a real home and I love putting of my eclectic touch to the place. I just felt I needed one last item. Something with color. Something that pops. An unexpected, unique touch that is still clean and minimal, but has a bit of personality. Meet my new dreamy pink chair and matching coffee table by PROMEMORIA. PROMEMORIA is based on Lake Como, Italy and not only is their furniture extremely well made…their high-end designs are unique, playful and so elegantly beautiful. They have antique roots going back to the 19th century, but a love for detail and special designs. Each piece meant to not only be a beautiful piece of art, but also meant to be lived in and loved in. The Vittoria chair in a bright pink velvet was the finishing touch to my home. Where I like to sip my morning coffee on a Sunday morning.

photographed by Emmy Park  

Featuring the PROMEMORIA  “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table.


PROMEMORIA “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table. Check out all of their COLLECTIONS here.

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// St. Roche dress, Coach shoes, The 2 Bandits earrings //



There is nothing better than Manhattan and an outdoor movie. The most perfect glittering night to be out…and on a Tuesday! It was so exciting to be LOFT‘s special guest at their LOL Movie Series at Solar One! an epic outdoor space, to celebrate a night of inspiring women in comedy. From the stand-up comedy to the actual film, the crowd really couldn’t stop laughing. It was one of those nights where us New Yorkers sort of stop and get to laugh at ourselves at all of the hilarious things that happen in this city that we experience on a daily basis. From being cat-called by the same dude on the block everyday… to actually being frightened at our own wacky mood swings and struggles that NYC throws at us. The last thing I want to deal with is my outfit, and so I went with something super simple, but with a little pop of color. Of course. LOFT’s skinny neck scarf, combined with a dramatic LOFT off-the-shoulder top and denim mini was the perfect combination. Easy and super breezy. I love LOFT’s classic silhouettes. I added my favorite dangling earrings and a messy bun for a finishing touch and then done!

Rooftop Films was presenting a screening of the film My Blind Brother. It’s directed by one of my favorite funny ladies, Soophie Goodhard. I fell in love with this romantic comedy. It’s a film that makes you want to cry one moment, and laugh the next. And it was shot so beautifully! The colors of the film made me want to jump right into the movie. A beautiful story about siblings, friends, and true love. Go see it, go see it! There really is something so amazing about grabbing a bottle of wine, a box of pizza from the food trucks, and totally immersing yourself in a story while you can still feel the heartbeat of the city pounding beneath your seat. LOFT did such an amazing job and gathered together a super cool crowd for a fun night of storytelling. The line was down the street!! I made sure not to leave the moment unmarked, and gathered my friends for a quick snap at the photobooth. My first LOL Movie night complete.


// LOFT off-shoulder top, skinny neck scarf, denim sailor skirt, and similar shoes //

*Sponsored by Ann Taylor LOFT and Shopstyle*



Dining tables are meant to be special. Made for great meals, conversation, and getting things done. I was looking for something extra sturdy and big for my new loft. I found the perfect matching wood and concrete pieces over at High Fashion Home. The warwick dining table and matching sideboard sure weighed a ton, but I don’t think I’ll be moving them any time soon! Right now, I’m diggin’ a lot of modern and contemporary pieces that went with my home’s already industrial minimal aesthetic. I’ve always been drawn to wood and anything with a raw, natural feel and HFH Home really nailed it in that department. Maybe it comes from my folk’s house back in LA, fully crafted in wood from the top to bottom…so having a touch of that makes my home feel more like home. It’s nice having a good drafting place to meet with friends and come up with ideas on whatever we’re working on. Planning our next escape, drawing and pinning inspiration for our next shoot, or simply writing. Home should always be a place that inspires you to think outside the box and use a bit of your imagination. Give yourself that little bit of space!

// High Fashion Home “warwick” dining table //


// High Fashion Home “warwick” sideboard //


see more contemporary styles at High Fashion Home.

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