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I have been using Jergens ever since I was a little girl. And I am one to shower and moisturize my entire body right afterwards. Being someone who loves the sun, who loves to swim, and be really active no matter what season it is, I take moisturizing my whole body really seriously. Focusing on the neck, legs, arms, and chest! For me, my mornings begin with a quick check at my Instagram, turning on NY1 on my TV so I can hear the news, get my coffee machine going…and hop in the shower.

I’ve just discovered the new Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, and I am seriously obsessed. After you shower, just apply it to your already wet skin before you towel dry. No need to rinse it off (it won’t go down the drain- the moisturizer immediately sinks into your skin, and it really works. It’s my life saver, and my legs and arms have never been so smooth and hydrated. Plus, it’s saves me a ton of time before I leave the house, after the gym, or right before bed. You get 2x the moisture in half the time. I even prefer brushing my teeth in the shower, let alone moisturize! I am currently using the Nourshing Monoi – and it keeps my skin baby soft. But you can also get Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with coconut oil, and calming green tea oil. I got all 3 depending on my mood! Showering has never felt this good. Soak it up ladies.

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