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Seconds to Showtime


This season was a bit different for me. There’s always that┬áheavy show schedule, endless drama in the front row, and countless outfit changes. But this time, I had a lot more time backstage shooting. And sometimes being behind the lens, and behind the scenes feels so good. I love to switch up, and give you some unexpected surprises. I partnered up with the incredible Wella hair team, who flew in from London, to work on these two out-of-this-world shows with their brand new EIMI products. Jeremy Scott and DKNY. Both incredibly unique, yet still stunning. I loved watching the Wella team at work. They’re all about experimenting, and playing with standout style.

Can we talk about those hand painted bobs?! Who knew these shaggy wigs could look dreamy on just about any face. And with that┬áheavy, bold lid. SWOON. I love color. This show was incredible to shoot. Quirky and just downright fun. Silver streaks here…a splash of neon green over there. It’s theatrical and over the top. Just what I like.

jeremy8resizedjeremy1jeremywigresizedjeremy7resizedjeremy6resizedjeremy5resizedjeremy11resizedjeremy10resizedjeremy4resizedjeremy3resized// Jeremy Scott Fall ’14 backstage //


DKNY is classic. Always. And that’s what I love about the designer. Against the beautiful silhouettes, they went with something a little less perfect. A wispy, effortless look with a twist. A flattened top, with perfectly placed “fly-aways.” If only flyaways always looked this good.

dkny4resizeddkny6resizeddkny7resizeddkny12resizeddkny9resizeddkny1resizeddkny2resizeddkny5resizeddkny8resizeddkny20resized// DKNY Fall ’15 backstage //

*all photos by me*