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Victoria’s Secret is back with VS Swim and I’m so excited to show you our shoot in Turks and Caicos to kick off the launch! Yep, the Suarez Sisters took on these islands with VS and we got our hands on the full collection. Our home base was a stunning villa at Amanyara, a secluded luxury resort, in between hopping from white sand beaches by boat. The sun was so hot, I could feel my skin immediately tan by just a short little swim in these crystal clear blue waters. I’ve never seen more crystal clear waters. Turks and Caicos is known to be the most iconic location for swim and now I know why. The island brought out the Victoria’s Secret iconic persona within me. Wet hair. Bold feeling. Loads of confidence. That is how VS Swim always makes me feel. That’s all you really need when you’e rocking swim and owning your own body. When not in front of the camera, you can find me hiding out in one of these little private coves on the sand. 


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