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Thanksgiving for me is the best time to reflect. Sometimes I think…how is this all real? Then, I think of all the obstacles and challenges that have made me into a strong person that I am, and feel so incredibly grateful for everthing that life has thrown my way. Another year more mature, and another year wiser. Today is just another reason to live life to the fullest. To see only the good in the world, and to cherish those special people and places worth loving. Thankful for my sunrises, and my beautiful gold sunsets. Thankful for the glistening Hudson River that I get to awake to every morning. Thankful for life and breath. Thankful for the ocean, always there to listen to my thoughts. Thankful for this wonderful city of NEW YORK, for standing by me…believing in me, and taking in this California dreamer at just a naive 20 years old with just a small suitcase, and allowing her to grow into a real woman. Appreciating those beautiful people that will take your hand and lift you, even when you feel like you’re falling. My sister, my mother, my father, and my friends. I’m thankful for YOU too. For encouraging me to grow, and giving me that constant push to reach for the highest of stars. Never letting go. Listening and watching as I’ve shared my tales all of these year. It’s exciting to be a part of your life. You guys inspire me most of all! What would I do without all of you OFF DUTY babes?! Here is all positivity, and that’s how it’ll always be. There’s no room for anything else. Now, I’m most thankful that I have the freedom to be myself. One who lives by her own rules, dreams the wildest of dreams, embraces her imperfections, makes visions reality, and sings to her own tune. With you guys, I feel I can do anything. The strength to create magic and never let go of what I was meant to do. I’ve gone full circle. Whole.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Never lose appreciation for what makes you happy. It’s only up from here.