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The Super Bowl is just around the corner and for the first time, I’m having friends over to watch the game at my house. My cozy sanctuary is suddenly going to become a sports bar for the night! I pulled out extra chairs, cleared out my dining room table, and most importantly, stocked the fridge. But first things first…what is everyone drinking? Stella Artois, of course. And why? Because Stella Artois has a limited-edition 12-pack that easily has given my Super Bowl night a little more meaning. Stella Artois is on a mission to help end the global water crisis and has partnered up with Water.org, a charitable organization that helps provide people in the developing world with access to clean water.  But why a 12-pack? With every purchase of the Stella Artois 12-pack, 1 person in the developing world will get access to 12 months of clean water. Pretty amazing, huh? I feel good knowing that I was able to give back this Super Bowl in such a simple way. With each drink passed to my guests, neighbors, and friends-of-friends who come on by for the game, the powerful message of taking the time to give back will be on our minds and never forgotten. Clean water, to most of us, isn’t something we think about, but I’m grateful that I now have the voice to raise awareness with Stella Artois in hopes that one day, every single person can have access to clean water. As it gets closer for my guests to arrive, I’ll be switching into my a classic pair of jeans and a tee shirt for a super humble, down-to-earth, Super Bowl extravaganza. After all this planning, I’m ready to lay low and enjoy some quality time with the ones I love. Thanks to Stella Artois, it’s possible to pause amongst the excitement and chaos of the Super Bowl, and have a mindful moment with every sip.

Learn more at water.org/stellaartois

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