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// Paola Bernardi knit set + Suboo black dress //

Sometimes you need to see your city from a new perspective to make you appreciate it all over it again. A staycation at the Pendry Manhattan West made me feel like I was in the center of it all. There are a million things to see just looking out of the window, and around me. This stunning suite really felt like home, and I couldn’t help but soak in the attention to detail. The design of this space is living well done.


// Vitamin A swimsuit. Entireworld shirt. Into the Night black dress. Ushatava bucket hat //

I was matching the decor here at the Equinox Hotels in Hudson Yards. Super simple black and white pieces are my go-to for a last minute staycation. Get on your white one piece, oversize mens shirt, little black dress, and red lipstick. Voila. Good to go for a weekend of fun. I am so ready for the next adventure. 


Staycations not only refresh me mentally, but physically. Waking up in a new part of town with a fresh copy of The Times. Taking a run outside in an area I wouldn’t normally venture out to. Getting in that few extra hours to snooze in your bath robe after what felt like a work week of 7 am call times. It’s being able to disconnect, retreat, and give yourself a little love in what feels like getting caught up in a city rush. The real me would love to stick in my yoga pants anytime of the week post-workout, but this time, I packed along a perfect dress-over-blouse situation for that sudden urge to go dancing. Staycations are a time for me, as a beauty lover, to also dig into my beauty dresser and whip out some new products to test. I never wear any makeup on the weekends…it’s so important to let my skin breathe and treat it with a little extra care. With every getaway, I give myself a new scent and memory. This time, my scent was By Terry’s Baume de Rose. Here are 3 amazing products that might fit for what your skin is really craving right now. That combined with a few extra hours of laying horizontal or outside on the move, leaves me glowing.

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