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This¬†little beach was such a hidden gem. You’ve got the river. The forest and mountains. The sand. What more can a girl ask for? It’s so unlike reality and everyday NYC life that you sort of have to pinch yourself. The only sounds coming from the kids kayaking on a Saturday, throwing themselves purposefully off the boat just for laughs. The nostalgia of childhood and living completely in the moment . And one family picnic on the other side of this tiny little beach. We were on the road from Squamish to Whistler in Canada, the most peaceful drive in the whole entire world. There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that’s so comforting. Those gloomy skies are like a little safety blanket the entire way. Passing farms and homes sitting by the mountain in what feels like the middle of nowhere. It’s totally one place where everyone knows everyone. You can pick a sandwich made by the local farmer. Juice from the only juice truck in town. It’s nice to have a taste of that slow paced lifestyle. Where you can actually sit and breath in the freshest of air, free from any chaos. Once again it was one of those trips that I packed absolutely anything and so you learn to mix and match with what you’ve got. Loads of black and cashmere and this one leather trench to wear on the plane and everywhere in between. Always bring a belt because a belt makes everything look better. Oh, and gotta have those Fenty x Puma by Rihanna sneakers. I love a fresh pair of kicks that just hit the shelves. It’s just another something you and your friends can talk about in the car ride home.


// Kate Spade leather trench coat, 360 Cashmere dress, VEDA belt, Fenty x Puma sneakers //



Vancouver may be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. You get the mountains, the trees, the lakes, the ocean, the city, and the parks. It’s every wanderer’s dream. I was so impressed with it’s beauty. Everything is right at your fingertips. Whatever mood you’re in, you can get out and go. It’s the ideal place to be outside. To be active. To hike. To bike. But more importantly, to road trip. I was in town shooting the Gentle Fawn S/S ’17 campaign, but like every work trip, we leave a few days to ourselves to explore. We were on the road to Whistler and my friend said “promise you won’t fall asleep!” How could you when you’re driving with the Pacific coastline on one side and waterfalls on another?! It was pretty unreal. We eventually hit a beautiful field of wildflowers on the side of the road. Immediately we pushed the breaks to take a peek. Climbing up the side of the hill brought a bigger surprise. A giant lake circled by a mountain. The early morning fog slowly rolling in through the hills. You kind of have to stop and pinch yourself. How something so beautiful and peaceful exists!¬†We had just passed Squamish…our bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers sitting on the dashboard. We had miles more to go.


// 360 Cashmere top, VEDA leather jacket, Earnest Sewn x Refinery 29 jeans, Puma x Fenty sneakers, Yunis K bandana //