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I was in London when I was strolling through Dover Street Market for the first time and immediately, I gravitated towards a perfect rack filled with pinks and reds. Puffed sleeves. Beads hanging from sheer skirts. Florals. It was like out of an Alice in Wonderland book. I picked up a fluffy little frock and saw it was Simone Rocha. Held it up in front of me by the mirror and did a little twirl. A love was born! I hadn’t seen anything so delicate and beautiful in a while. Every detail like a little work of art, that you pick it up and just examine every stitch. That’s what I love most about London. The shopping. Their appreciation for fashion as art. Quirky finds that are so unexpected. I actually found this bold red number in my size at Saks Fifth Avenue. Sure it’s a dress you can wear to the Met Gala, but for an evening out with friends, go with a perfect white leather sneaker. Some things are meant to make you feel special.

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