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My next hot, hot destination is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in late January. The heat in Kuala Lumpur is 24/27. You can’t go anywhere without a perfect sandal. Bikinis, cotton slip dresses, and flip-flops become my wardrobe. When I’m there, I like to keep things super light, including my suitcase. My new resort sandals are by Sangria Sandals. All made from luxurious leathers in gorgeous poppy colors. Here, I’m sporting their lovely Precious Metals collection, an array of silver, gold, copper, charcoal, and cognac. Even in NYC, whenever I’m running out the door, these remain by my front door. Slip on and go…and they always look chic and go with just about everything. Finding a sandal that’s classic and well-made was on my pre-holiday shopping list. The more and more I travel, especially to tropical places, the more I have begun to simplify my wardrobe. Staying on the beach all day? Sangria. Exploring a new city in the heat? Sangria. Running to the deli, even in the middle of winter? Sangria. I’m a loyal fan.

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