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1 pant, 2 ways…

There is something so wonderful about tomboy basics. When I got out of the water here in Nicaragua, I spent a lot of time hanging out in my treehouse in this look: an amazing Banana Republic crew knit, denim jacket, and tuxedo pant. Our spot in Nicaragua was barefoot luxury at it’s core. The best thing about this look is that it moves and it breathes. I could sit in this exact spot all day, curled up in a ball in my rocking chair with the most incredible view of our bay. The monkeys would come and go throughout the day. The birds constantly saying hello on my doorstep each morning. Nicaragua is wonderful in that it feels untouched. Beautiful in it’s most raw and natural state. It’s in the spring that I gravitate towards simplicity in both my surroundings and what I put on my body. These wild escapes always make me feel closer to earth.

Then, there is my city style. I am a woman who feels powerful in a pair of good pants and it’s funny, I don’t travel anywhere without a classic pair. Back in the city, this simple tomboy look immediately transitions into business woman chic with just a popping pair of platform heels and my favorite Banana Republic trench. There will always be the ease from my tropical travels that translate into my city uniform…think salty beach waves and a tangerine lip. By minimizing my wardrobe down to it’s very essentials, I start to look at my classics with a whole new perspective, giving it new life.

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Topshop right now is totally nailing the retro mod look. Bringing back what I loved from watching The Brady Bunch, to what I imagine would have been in Twiggy’s closet. Right now I’m obsessed with anything cropped and flared, like this perfect little jumpsuit. Only complete with a mustard turtleneck (my fall staple for layering), and some cheeky leopard oxfords. Made for dancing, or simply waiting for your girl tribe to show up. For now, I’m ready to soak in that cool fall breeze.

// Topshop turtleneck, overalls, and shoes //


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